Most electrical utility companies offer commercial lighting rebates designed to help offset the cost of installing efficient technology. When inefficient fixtures and/or bulbs are replaced with high efficiency products, or occupancy sensors are installed, you may be eligible for a rebate.Why do utilities offer rebates?

State Public Utility Commissions (PUCs) set energy savings goals. Energy savings are an alternative to the capital expense of expanding power plant capacity.

Utilities in almost every state offer some rebates for LED lighting. Details on these programs are aggregated in the federal DSIRE database and individual utility sites (without reference to specific Titan LED products).

What is a Prescriptive Rebate?
Prescriptive rebates provide a specific predetermined dollar amount for each fixture replaced. While they may appear to pay more per fixture they don’t account for any savings that can be achieved by reducing the number of fixtures through redesign.

What is a Custom Rebate?
Custom rebates are based on the total energy savings for a specific project and are intended to provide rebates for approved fixtures not covered by a prescriptive program. The application process requires preapproval and often requires more documentation than its prescriptive counterpart. Incentives vary by location and customer type. Cover applications are not provided for under prescriptive programs. They can pay up to 75% of total project cost; and they can pay for high efficiency fixtures not listed with ENERGY STAR or DLC if the energy savings is significant.

Utility rebate programs are governed fully by the utilities and are subject to change without notice. Contact individual utilities for updates and/or changes to their programs.
Midwest Area Utility Rebate Programs:
Dayton, Oh  –  Dayton Power & Light

Cincinnati, Oh  – Duke Energy

Columbus, Oh  –  American Electric Power

Fort Wayne, In  –  American Electric Power Indiana

Indianapolis , In  –  Indianapolis Power & Light

Lexington, Ky  –  Kentucky Utilities Company

Louisville, Ky  –  Louisville Gas and Electric